মায়ের ইচ্ছা পূরণ

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Words fall short for expressing mothers’ sacrifices to fulfill our desires. It seems that moms really can do anything in order to bring smile on the faces of the apples of their eyes. Yes, the sacrifices our mothers make are priceless; but can’t we at least try to fulfill one of her wishes?

To mark this year’s Mother’s Day, The Daily Star and CBL Munchee Milkaas have initiated a contest “মা-এর ইচ্ছাপূরণ”.

How to participate:

  • 1. Upload your picture with your mother.
  • 2. Describe your mother’s wish and your plan to make your mother’s wish come true.
  • 3. Share the post on your Facebook timeline and get votes from your friends.

Top 2 lucky winners will get 50,000 BDT each to fulfill their mom’s wish. More exciting gifts are waiting for other winners.

For any campaign query, you can contact-

Md.Tajdin Hassan
Head of Marketing
The Daily Star
email- tajdintds@outlook.com

Shuvashish Roy
Digital Marketing Manager
The Daily Star
email- roy.tds@outlook.com

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