Bangladesh is a cricket crazy nation, no doubt! Cricket lovers express their emotions and excitement in the stadium cheering the tigers, on the roads bringing out processions or at home enjoying with friends and family.

But how long will you continue cheering our boys staying behind the curtain? It’s time to show some craziness in front of the country people during this BPL.

The Daily Star and WE are jointly organising a photo contest titled ‘Cheer Them Up’ which creates an opportunity to cheer the tigers in this BPL and win exciting gifts.

Your task is simple! Just visit this site and send your photo while cheering the team participating in Bangladesh Premier League.


Duration: November 17, 2016 - December 09, 2016 (23 days)

Contest Format:

Weekly Winners: 7 winners from 4 phases; 2 from 1st phase, 2 from 2nd phase, 1 from 3rd phase and 2 from knockout phase)
First Phase (Week-1): Nov 17 - Nov 23
Second Phase (Week-2): Nov 24 - Nov 30
Third Phase (Week-3): Dec 01 - Dec 04
Knockout Phase: Dec 06 - Dec 09

Overall Winners: 3

Winner's Prize:

Overall Winners: The Best 3 photographs get to win WE X2 smartphone

Weekly Winners: 7 weekly winners get to win WE B2 smartphone