• The second round of Corporiddlerz 2016, a strategy-based business competition hosted by BUP Business and Communication Club, has just ended. This round happened to be Product Launching, and only 20 of the best teams out of 40 have commenced to the third round. It is rumored that the third round of Corporiddlerz is always the most challenging and is composed of two phases. The first phase would be Project Planning, where participating teams would be given an entire project to plan from scratch. The second phase would take place in the next week, but this phase would be a complete surprise – the participants must be up for anything and everything!

    The first phase of the third round will take place on 26th of August and the second phase on 3rd September. Participants are already working furiously away on the Project Planning phase of the 3rd round, which is by far the most challenging.

  • The second round of the much-awaited inter university event, SKS presents Corporiddlerz 2016 powered by The Daily Star, a strategy-based business competition, has commenced. The event has garnered much interest from students all over the country. From over a pool of 250+ teams from all over the country, only 40 of the top teams have progressed to Round Two – Product Launching. In this round, the teams are expected to come up with innovative strategies to launch their given product in completely new market segments. The teams will have the opportunity to present their solutions before professionals, corporate executives and also those very same people who actually work with the products being launched in this round.

  • Corporiddlerz 2016, one of the flagship events of BUP Business and Communication Club (BCC), went nationwide for the first time this year. It has already garnered tremendous interest from students around the country, with 250+ registered teams from 24 universities.

    The first round of the competition was online, where competing teams have to present a viable solution to a challenging Case study. The solutions provided by the teams are currently under screening for the second round, and only the very best will make it through. We wish them the best of luck!