IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is striking hard towards a successful report as they can’t pass any resolution. Basically, country delegates are dealing mostly with Paris agreement. They have an extensive and fruitful debate on flaws of Paris agreement and Paris agreement in general. They are also enlightening the IPCC framework improvement.
China and Russia were on fire and backfire regarding the production of renewable energy and using it production of the nuclear weapon. The USA faced several counter points from several countries but the surprising delegate of USA maintained humble manner during his speech rather the USA highlighted the initiatives taken actually in action as the USA believes in action rather than just verbal words.
From the last session till the second day of committee session Russia is hoping for Paris Agreement will be under moderation and a draft for proper implementation. In between china have acted like a leader in fighting global warming. China urges all the developing countries to follow the proposed china hook.
Meanwhile, USA was in pretty much realistic form. USA focused on cost effective inventory solutions that will promote more business to set up a GHG gas monitoring system and to promote awareness of the lack of accountability to address methane gas emission. The USA believes all this will make the data inventory more accurate.
From the very beginning of day two IPCC committee has started working on the report regarding. The effectiveness of Paris Agreement. Their concern goes on several topics such as urging for providing guidance for countries to increase their data assessment, ensure transparency and accountability.
Countries are also extensively concerned about tracking climate finance through the technical framework.
The important issue is to a proper adaptation cycle with the ambition of milestones to decarbonizes the word to achieve the clean success regarding resorting climate.