Land of Accusations and Claims The delegates of UNDP talked about the creation of national boundaries (on aspects of global governance) and how the countries can work together to protect them. The delegates of the committees also worked on the draft copy of the committee resolution. The opening session of the day started with a number of accusations being thrown around the room between the delegates -something which both the dais members and this IP found as an interesting phenomenon. The USAA accused Bangladesh of a lack of transparency and corruption also adding a backup statistic about how Bangladesh is 139th out of 160 in terms of transparency and corruption. The Delegate of Bangladesh in return defended herself by pointing out that the statistics that the USA mentioned earlier are actually an improved statistic from the last couple of years where Bangladesh was doing worse. Hence there is no reason to call the country "corrupt and not transparent" when the country is improving its stance on the issue. Not long after the above incident, the Brazilian delegate was seen accusing USA by claiming that the CIA helped Russian FGB spies "elect" the American President-elect Donald Trump. Something to which, interestingly enough, the USA delegate chose not to rebut. The dais, as a result, was forced to personally ask the USA delegate whether he noted the insult thrown towards him and would like to use his point of information. There was also a round of intense debate among the countries like USA, South Korea and China where the USA accused South Korea of being "corrupted and underdeveloped" and called China "a country of no Right to information". Both the countries used their points of information to point out to the dais how they both were immensely insulted. The committee, though, regardless of all the accusations and claims are thrown around earlier, saw all the session end with delegates working on their position papers during an unmoderated caucus.