On the third day of DUNMUN 2016, the committee started with an entertainment session just as the SCBA members entered the committee of WHO. The Delegate of Bangladesh entertained the committee by songs and the chairperson initiated a game named "MaaZinga". The formal session started with the discussion on the long-term prevention of Zika virus on the first agenda. As the parliamentary team suggested the Delegates to move on for a 30-minute unmoderated caucus, the delegates formed two blocks for preparing the working papers. One block consisted USA, Canada, New Zealand including the supportive countries and the other consisted Russia including Cuba, South Africa, Somalia and the other allies. Some delegates were seen to form blocks without knowing what was actually happening out there just because of the conflict with another dominating country. Here one thing was clear that the opinion of the delegates of USA, Canada, New Zealand, Somalia, South Africa, Syria, India, and Bangladesh was too much active for the whole committee session. and Bangladesh was against the point no.6 that was about the post-abortion.so they wanted to add some financial aid and mental counseling. As far as we know they would add them in their working paper on the suggestion of the delegate of Philippine and Bangladesh. The Dias members are still hopeful of getting a draft resolution worth to the General Assembly.