As before the Delegate of Denmark said with an attitude that “Be like Denmark, happy like Denmark”, he managed to hold the title of "Dominator" in the ongoing sessions. Though the Delegate of China dramatically came in and tried to get the attention, he wasn't successful in doing that for his irrelevant words and solutions. On the third day, the Delegates of AIIB got an opportunity to meet the legendary MUNer Mr. Sayed Mofiz Kamal (Anik). As he is an economist, he took responsibility to discuss the SDG with the enthusiasts. While negotiating on solutions, the Delegate of Spain suggested to create trade routes through South Asia to connect Bangladesh, India, Nepal and so many countries but ignored Russia when the Delegate of Brazil pointed it out that as Russia, as being a South Asian country with the 3rd highest shareholders in AIIB, one cannot necessarily avoid the country's concern. Some suggested to make a long railway up to Russia but there was equal opposition on the solution. Not even being presenting any speech throughout this discussion, Russia is still on the floor of diplomacy and rules another mind like a dominator. What happens next, let's see.