My Mom, Obviously!

From the very beginning of my journey towards becoming a true human being, she is behind every steps. In my cheers of success and tears of sorrow, she has always been with me. She is my first educator from the primary school, advisor in choosing the right group at class 8 (science, arts or commerce), consultant in choosing the most suitable university and its subject, helped me choose the right job, right life partner and ofcourse the name of my son! My mom never forced or even told the thing I should do or follow; but she presented the pros and cons of every possible choices and their compliance with religion and ethics; then it was me who choose the final one. And thus she made me great decision maker. Like all the mothers she is also affectionate, helping and kind; but she tried to brought me up as a self-dependant. A lot of time I failed in many things; but rather than reprimanding me she focussed me 2 things; the lesson from this failure and quick corrective measure. Last month she retired as a government primary school teacher and gladly started the same educating process with my newborn son! and I am pursuing a successful mid-management career at ACI, which is one of the largest conglomerates of Bangladesh.

By Muhammad Mim Share

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