Every one will say that his/ her mother is the best mom in the world in my case that's also same but In would like to say my Amma given me birth twice in the world. Let's share with my story.. When I was in aged 14 in class seven I did a blunder mistake I escaped my school with my boyfriend and got married with him. After some months later both of our family accepted our fault . we were happy . after 3 years later I conceived my son and my husband started business at Bogra . There he fall with an extramarital relationship and got married again. After some days he started beating me and rough behaved with my son. My Amma could not tolerate these sort of crime. She picked me from my in-law and started my schooling again. I am single mother now. My son is now 11 years old school in class 4 . I am Master degree Holder doing job now DIU. My Amma is my world my life . It is my pride I am the daughter of my mom. My mom's profession is also teachiy . she is the best teacher of my life and everything . That's all.

By Nafiza Mou Share

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