My hero Ammu

Since my early childhood, I was good at studies. Always stood 1st in class. Reason was my Ammu. She was the best teacher & guide any one can have.Not only study, She taught me music, art, debate, dance & what not. She made me a person with qualities along with dignities & moral values. Sacrificing her own hapiness, sacrifising her own career she engaged herself in making us independent. when ever in life I faced any troubles or failed, I was heart broken or at a loss My mother was always there as a friend, as a support system. I never realized the necessity of any boyfriend. You know why?! When u have a super cute mom gifting u flowers, chocolates on special days, taking u on dinner to ur favourite restaurant, spoiling u with love & care.Why do u need a guy to date!?? Today I am a would be doctor, studying in medical college. I worked as a radio jockey, now working as a news reporter, Working in different social organizations to help people. In sha Allah in future have lots of plans & dreams to fulfill.My mom always taught me to be educated & independent. She taught me to be a nice person.As a government service holder my dad always stayed out of dhaka, most of the time.But ammu stayed with us in dhaka.She sacrificed a lot for our better future.Some times I just look at her & realize how lucky I am. Ammu enencourages me to be independent because she wants her daughter to lead her life on her own, She wants her daughter to be respected by others. " Because how u are as a person & how u will change people's lives that will define ur success," my mom always said. I can say I will be a good mother some day, because I had one in my home. thank u Ammu for being my life line & best friend.I am blessed to be ur daughter.

By Ayesha Pranty Share

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