My mother

this is afroza sultana surovi.I will be privileged if you please call me as, you know, why I'm here..I'm here to telling you my success makers academic achievements,my leadership in co-curricullam activities , my networking and community building aabilities,forced me to compete in everywhere. abd that's pissible only for my mom..I'm honoured snd privilegedd to saw few words on my achievement. I achieved several prizes in essay competition on commonwealth parliamentary issue from honorable president abdul Hsmid and also received essay prize on telecommunications from honorable prime minister sheik hasina.with all these success I'm also being to say that I stood 1st class 9th in my undergraduate abd 1st class 5th un post graduate programm in child development and social relationship from Home Economics College...this is actually not my success its my mothers success and brings her happiness... I'm lucky girl who got full support by her only mother.she is my mentor,best friend,inspiration and my life...without she I couldn't reached my level...she learnt me, she inspired me lot. she belief I win everywhere.. I'm blessed. she belief I will a change maker in the days to come,in my arena... I always want to see my moms smiling face. she did very hard work.. I will be happy when my moms knows I write down my thoughts about my mom...because I cant say face to face I love you ma.. so now I'm telling my success maker without you ma I'm notot perfect.. thank you

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