My Mother/ Amma

Today I am Mou, Nafiza Mou. This identity given me by Allah through Amma. I am Single mother. I live with my family with my 11 years son . Today I am Job holder with Master degree! hows that possible ! Only, because of my Amma. When I was in class 6, I fall in love, escaped my school and got married with my husband, after few months later our family accept us . We started living happily, 2 years later I conceived a baby child. My Jeett (name) my husband started business in their hometown , I lived with my in laws in Dhaka, after few months later my husband engaged with extra marital affairs, this guy was widow , my husband got again married with her. We have known this matter when she again pregnant ! My husband started to torching me, started biting me! my couldn't tolerate these, She given me second birth... she picked me from my in laws and started my education .. I received my SScC , HSC, Honors , Masters with my childern with the inspiration of my Amma. I am doing Job now, income halal. having Abba Amma , Jeet with me.... Alhamdulilah. My Amma / Mon is the only lady behind my everything... :)

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