My beloved mother

behind my success the contribution of the lady is my mmother.Now i wanna let the world know about the lady behind my success.she had a great confidence about my capability of styding.That's why she never told me to go to school or to sit down for styding.I remember my first day at scool when she took me to the school and admiited into there.And at the same night she taught me how to write and read.she knew that i am capable enough to read and write.then i gradually do better in my class.In my student life,i have got many scholarship in examination.i lived in middle class family and for this raeson my mother would be veey nervous abot the coast of my study.Now i am a student of dhaka university at faculty of bussiness studies only for her great contributions.I am owe to him.i love my mother very much.she has done a great job for me. hi mom you are the best mom in the world i had ever seen and may u live long

By Md Soikot Share

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