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My Teacher's Name Is Prof M A Azhar

Institute: National institute of disease of chest and Hospital

My teacher is my inspiration because "My sons! when someone become rich, he forgets his struggles of a poor's life." It was one of the many inspirational words from my mentor, Prof M A Azhar, a legend in the field of medicine of Bangladesh. I have always been a frustrated, exhausted medical student who hardly found medical science interesting in any way. Then one day in 3rd year, Our then medicine dept head, Azhar sir started to take class- with no Powerpoint slides, no colourful drawing to make the class interesting- simply used a single chalk pencil on a traditional 40-year-old blackboard to point out his important notes. none of us had any idea how that 90 min went by. and amazingly afterwards we could recall every bit of his lectures just by listening. that was the 1st magic of Sir I have encountered, 1st flame of interest to medicine. then when I had the opportunity to see sir as a physician, as the administrative head, more wonders yet to come. His idealogy was "treat the cause, not the symptoms" he never gave any lectures on morality, instead he showed by his own doings how to treat people with care. he used his own fund to supply to poor patients. he made us doing many bed side procedures to make them save a little money. we had to justify every single test we asked the patient to do. we had to remember the price of every drugs to ensure the cheapest but effective drug to the patient. his way of diagnosing a disease is simply like Sherlock Holmes, taking notes of every details of a patient. he showed that medical science is not only fun, its the most humane profession. and working hard for the smile of a patient is worth in every way. I'm grateful to Allah that I've been blessed being his student.

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