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My Teacher's Name Is Sharmistha Ghosh

Institute: Asian University for Women

My teacher is my inspiration because Can a teacher whom you met only for a month change your life? Yes, Sharmistha miss did it to me. She is an Indian. Working in an international institution sometimes make people get diverted from their own tradition and culture. Sharmistha miss studied in America, worked in some other countries and in Bangladesh now. However, the way she dresses up remained authentic and traditional all the time. She is so original and she stays confident with her purely traditional indian clothes. Clothes that are designed in a native way. And she is always comfortable with her outfit. We put up our traditional clothes on occasions ; and our generation is slowly forgetting that traditional clothes should be a part of our everyday life, specially those of us who studies in an international environment. Sharmistha miss taught me that tradition and culture is something you wear, something that defines you. A teacher is someone who not only teaches the academic staff but also teaches you what LIFE is. Sharmistha is the first ever person who inspired me on outfits,who taught me -"Your tradition is your pride, no matter what part of the world your are in."

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