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My Teacher's Name Is Russell Sir

Institute: Bangladesh Health Professions Institute (Academic Institute of CRP), Accredited

My teacher is my inspiration because I consider myself lucky to have so many good teachers in my life, but I find myself as the luckiest one when I think about Mohammad Mosayed Ullah Russell Sir. The man who blessed my life in disguised from the very beginning of my undergraduate life. I was struggling to myself after being admitted in B.Sc. in Occupational Therapy course which is not well known in Bangladesh. Naturally, I was getting down day by day. But, when I started to discover Russell Sir as a very motivating person, my world of imagination started to change gradually. Apart from the academic life, he taught me to deal with real life. The most interesting thing I found that, he played an exemplary life who has lots of stories from his own life which made me amazed to discover the other half of the empty glass as a positive one. He was and still is very much passionate about Occupational Therapy. To me, one of the most important qualities of a leader is practicing passion and influencing the other people with that. While I was completely demotivated about Occupational Therapy, he changed my life in a way that now I am completely crazy about it and I am holding a leading role with my professional association "Bangladesh Occupational Therapy Association (BOTA)". The thing he did is injecting his passion into me which just changed my life. He never used to tell “do it”, rather he prefers to facilitate to think out of box so that you can find your own solution. I am very glad to have a teacher like him in my life. I wish him all the success he deserves and praying for his good health. Thank you, Mentor!

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