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My Teacher's Name Is Din Mohammad Sumon Rahman

Institute: University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh

My teacher is my inspiration because It was 2013, when I lost my father. After losing him, my study was about to stop down because of not being able to pay my semesters fees. I was in my university second semester and to get a scholarship I at least had to complete 3 semesters. In such arduous moment when I was at the edge of my patience a person peeped in my life, my teacher. He is the person for whom I have become able to finish my 4 years of undergrad with full free scholarship and with good result. If this person wasn't there that time, I might be ended up in frustration. This person was the source of energy who said- "Ayesha, you have to get the scholarship by hook or by crook and you have to finish your study, you got me right?". I was weeping and saying- Yes sir. "Never stop, you have to keep swimming " this is what my mentor, my sir taught me. And most importantly I have learned that " when you are afraid, that is the actual time to jump" from him. I am indebted to my Sumon Rahman sir and I feel very fortunate that the Almighty gave me the chance to meet such a noble person like him.

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