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My Teacher's Name Is Adity Miss

Institute: St. Joseph Higher Secondary School

My teacher is my inspiration because My teacher is my inspiration because of a number of things. She belongs to the best kind of people I have seen in my life, and I have seen quite a few. I first met her when I was in class 5. She was our social studies teacher. We were expecting a boring class of a boring subject taught by a boring teacher. The subject remained uninteresting nonetheless, but the classes became a lot more interesting and enjoyable because of the teacher who taught it. The fact that Adity miss knows the subject quite well, has an in-depth correct analysis about almost everything or the fact she is one of the honest and nicest persons I have met till date doesn’t make her a great teacher or my favorite teacher as well. Many teachers are nice, honest or knowledgeable. But what most of lack is the ability to interact with their students perfectly, to harmonize with what they want and motivate them to want the right things. A good teacher may know about Social Studies and teach it, but Adity miss inspires us to fight against the social problems and norms. She has a radiant personality; she spreads the will and rebellious ideology to fight against these problems. She is not a superhuman or an angel, but she is someone relatable, someone we can relate to in our everyday life. I believe this relatibility and her level of interaction with her students (of whom, everyone holds a special place in her heart) is what makes her a great teacher. I seriously wish that I remember the things she taught me and are implemented by me in my life. And I hope that she continues inspiring countless more students like me in the days to come.

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