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My Teacher's Name Is Meer Mushfique Mahmood

Institute: IBAIS University

My teacher is my inspiration because MY TEACHER; MY INSPIRATION ''SIR MEER MUSHFIQUE MAHMOOD'' To embark in my own simple words, ‘’A teacher is the paramount of hopes and dreams who direct learners to the righteous succession’’. A teacher, to me, is someone I have looked up to and someone who has bettered my mind with virtuous knowledge and revitalized me greatly leading me toward my aspiration. The fundamental word that appears on my mind respecting My Teacher; My Inspiration insofar is Sir Meer Mushfique Mahmood. He is a former Faculty Member, Dept. of English at IBAIS University. He is, unquestionably, the scholar who has exhibited his students with upright techniques of learning. Through his vast knowledge in English Literature, I have congregated profound interest in English Literature which is respectable. Sir’s teaching has influenced me significantly to a greater extent. With the aid of his endeavor to take his students to the zenith of their aims, he had developed methods of clustering us along with encouragement to visit seminars, conferences and Dhaka Lit. Fest as a part and parcel of our academic learning, notwithstanding our tightly packed schedule. His additional hours of lectures for our progression have nurtured my reading and writing skill and assisted me to emerge confidently and remarkably. To be honest, Sir is an intellectual whose contribution has been life-changing. His nuance of seeing life is to educate minds with entirety to see the good in everything. He is not a facilitator who lavishes unnecessary praise on one. He is a man of substance who speaks the truth. As we know, Language constitutes us; likewise, Sir has constituted me by his motivational speech in addition to the class lectures. He has barely delivered lectures in traditional methods. His high-minded teaching skill is incomparable. He is a store house of knowledge who speaks unhesitant. Having completed my schooling abroad, I have failed to meet such meritorious person as my teacher. On the contrast, Sir’s teaching and learning method was never limited to classroom learning. His joke-based pedagogy would convene me for hours and hours without leaving me in a state of boredom. From my honorable Sir who is also a motivational speaker, I have learned that no hindrance in life can hold one back form proceeding further. All a person is in dire need of is self-confidence and the quest for knowledge. Some academic arenas of learning that seemed to be a Herculean task for me as of now resulted in great possibility owing to Sir's inspiration. In appreciation of Sir’s honest and sincere endeavor, I take this platform to familiarize Sir’s pure effort that he has put in to mould his students with the right foundation, will always keep us going. Sir, you have incorporated rational thinking in me insofar that I have chosen to stay focused on my present and future only looking forward with gratitude. Sir Meer Mushfique Mahmood; pardon me for any inconvenience occurred due to us. Always believe: Whatever happens happens for the best only. Allah has better plans in store for you. You will, undeniably, go a long way. The cognition I have grasped through your mastery will remain eternal in me. I am completely different person with rational thinking now than what I was formerly. Today I feel the divergence of your golden presence during your incumbency at IBAIS University and the unsuitable absence. I owe my greatest debt to you after my parents; you have inspired me hugely invigorating me to persevere in order to succeed in the world which is shrinking day by day. I am thankful to Allah for being able to come across such a learned man as my English faculty whose caliber has motivated me to the highest degree. Sir; You are a man of great wisdom--- My inspiration; My Teacher.

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