“ Route To Corporate World

The uncertainty hangs in the mind of fresh graduates who are yet to step in the corporate world, as there are no specific guidelines for achieving the characteristics that can ensure recruitment in a desired organization.

This is a Joint initiative of IGLOO and The Daily Star, to design a comprehensive programme, “Route to Corporate World” that helps the transformation from graduates to corporates, preparing the participants through a three month-long recruitment process consisting of different kinds of professional and skill development workshop.

The freshers will have the opportunity to interact with corporate professionals and leaders across different industries, enabling access to corporate information that will prepare the graduates to understand the important key elements that an organization needs and searches for, when hiring an employee.

The participants who are interested in developing careers in the areas of sales and marketing, digital marketing, human resource management, finance & accounting and supply-chain management are encouraged to participate in this programme.

The interested participants are required to visit our microsite and provide a SWOT Analysis on themselves followed by uploading a CV on our microsite. On the basis of the information in the SWOT analysis table and resume writing skill, the jury board will judge and select a shortlist of the participants to move forward to the next round.

The workshop will include the necessary behavioural, technical, and problem-solving, communication and management skills which will determine the potential shortlisted participants who will advance to the Final Round. The winners of the Final Round will be selected at a gala event at the Shahid Suhrawardy National Indoor Stadium, Mirpur, Dhaka, where they will receive an offer letter from different organizations.

The Steps:

1. SWOT Analysis: Provide the SWOT Analysis in two comments for each of the categories

2. Upload CV: You will be evaluated on the basis of your uploaded CV

3. Grooming Session: You will be evaluated on the basis of your behavioural, technical, and problem-solving, communication and management skills

4. Research: Your ability to understand cases and problems will help you to construct adequate concepts and ideas for a solution. The finalists will be selected by the Jury Board.

5. The Gala Event: Among 30 finalists, 10 will be selected as winners who will receive offer letters by the Jury Board.

Drop Your Resume Here

Use the SWOT Analysis in the boxes given below, to help us understand what you are capable of achieving using your strengths, how will you overcome your weaknesses, identify the opportunities you need to take advantage of, and your ability to tackle threats. Provide the information below to proceed to uploading your CV.

Your Strengths

Your Weaknesses

Your Opportunities

Your Threats
  • Upload your CV. Only pdf files!
  • File should be not larger than 2 MB

Workshop Agenda

Date Time Place Session Theme
TBA 10:00AM - 03:00PM The Daily Star TBA
TBA 10:00AM - 03:00PM The Daily Star TBA
TBA 10:00AM - 03:00PM The Daily Star TBA
TBA 10:00AM - 03:00PM The Daily Star TBA


S.L Name Email Applying Score
1 Amirul Haque amirul******@gmail.com Sales and Marketing 0
2 Mashrur Uddin Bhuiya mashru******@gmail.com Supply-Chain Management 0
3 Maliha Meharin Busra silvi*****@gmail.com Human Resource Management 0
4 MD RAKIBULALAM alamra******@gmail.com Digital Marketing 0
5 Sajjad Hossan Jubair 1520****@uap-bd.edu Digital Marketing 0
6 Mohammad Mydul Islam mydu****@gmail.com Sales and Marketing 0